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Home Sweet Home: Three’s Better Than Two

Lila is a very young girl living with a couple – Ned and Kelly, who take care of her for the time being. She is grateful to both of them, but Ned is the one she constantly lusts after, masturbating with his image in her head and putting on her sexiest clothes to show off her lean body.

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One day when they are all alone she has a chance to make her move, especially considering he did not mind her foot in his crotch during breakfast… She invites him to her room under a false pretence and it’s time to make sure that powerful man takes matters into his own hands once the clothes are off… Join here for exclusive 3D porn.

A Christmas Miracle: The Warm Up

What is a fun Christmas all about: just the two of them or a hot threesome with a young friend eager to ride a hard cock? The choice is clear. For Helen and Sam this is yet another Christmas together, while their close friend Sally is going to join the party for the very first time. Having already seen the size of Sam’s cock, she is impatient to get down to business, getting her pussy filled with hard flesh and pounded until she cums.

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Waiting for Sally to join them, Helen and Sam get warmed up for the action, because who can resist that kind of temptation? Sam finds out how desirable he is to at least two other young girls, getting super horny just thinking about the possibilities in front of him. Join here for exclusive 3D porn.

Sex In Da House: Hooking Up

The protagonists of ‘Sex in da House’ finally decide it’s time to add even more variety to their lives, so they find like-minded people over the internet and hook up in a beach house rented in advance. Katie and Teressa are a bit shy when they see Jane and Lisa, both so confident and powerful, but they soon swap the guys they brought along and the partying begins.

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Katie and Teresa go upstairs with Sammy, letting him be the boss and fuck them the way he likes, while Lisa and Jane stay downstairs with Chase, dressing up and discussing their plans. Soon they decide it’s a good idea to join everybody else for their orgy to be more memorable, which seems like a reasonable way to handle the kinky situation. Join here for exclusive 3D porn.