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Steamy Encounter: Clester and Hallie get company. Episode 2.

When Clester walked into the locker room intending to take a shower he was not expecting to find a cute cheerleader who was obviously looking for some free entertainment. Clester was determined to make the girl leave, but she was way too hot… and was asking for some hardcore fucking.


Hallie had never had sex with a black guy, so the curiosity got the best of her and in several minutes she was sucking on Clester’s cock that as a matter of fact appeared to be bigger than she’d expected. Hallie had a lot of nice surprises for Clester, and the guy himself was doing his best to bring the girl on the verge of cumming, when suddenly they were interrupted by another couple – Tina and Aaron. Join here for exclusive 3D porn!

The Hotkiss boarding school 4. The Talent Show. Episode 2.

Hotkiss Boarding School Talent show is a very important even organized by Principal Blumenthal that no student is allowed to skip – especially if this student is a hot young girl with silky skin and tight pussy. When the new student Tanya gets dragged to the rehearsal room it takes her a few seconds to realize what’s going on, as all she can see are her friends satisfying their teaches who are half naked by that time!

After a short session of pussy licking aimed at prepping Tanya for Principal Blumenthal’s eager cock, Tanya has to face the disgusting old man hungry for some fresh young pussy. Principal Blumenthal is helped by Ms. Lewis – a seductive shemale who doesn’t miss her chance to fuck Tanya while the girl is sucking on the principal’s dick. Meanwhile, Tanya’s friends are shared by other members of this mindblowing orgy. Join here for exclusive 3D porn!

The Hotkiss boarding school. The Shower Orgy. Part 3.

Being a student of one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country – the Hotkiss, Patricia always had a lot of studying to do and too little time to rest, so one evening when all of her roommates were already asleep she decided to take a hot shower. There was no one there, so the girl got undressed and after contemplating herself in the mirror got into the shower cabin.

As she was enjoying the hot streams of water pouring down her impeccable body Patricia thought she might as well masturbate and fantasize about stuff she had in mind. Patricia was too absorbed with fingering herself and massaging the clitoris to notice a visitor who decided to join the girl in her sexual games. When Patricia noticed she was not alone – it was too late, and she understood she would have to do everything she was told… Join here for exclusive 3D porn!


Alex was all alone in his apartment surfing the Internet when he suddenly came across a very unusual and tempting offer… Two amazingly hot girls got very lonely and coincidentally happened to live in the same town with Alex! The scheduled jerk-off session had to be postponed – such cute asses shouldn’t be unattended when there is a young stud like Alex looking for some fun!

Not being very experienced in relationships, Alex bought some flowers and summoned all his courage – the girls looked so hot he was afraid their first meeting would leave him speechless. He was welcomed by Roxie – a sexy brunette with lustful eyes who later introduced him to her cute blonde friend Sandra. Everything seemed to be going as planned when Alex suddenly learnt the kinky secret of Sandra and Roxie… Join here for exclusive 3D porn!