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Anonymous Virgins. Part 2: Sex Lesson

After Sandra, the hot Teacher of Sex, had performed her splendid lesson of seduction, Romeo, her grateful first “student”, wrote all about it in the site devoted to fast seduction methods…Romeo’s vivid post stirred that community of anonymous virgins, and several other boys decided to visit the amazing Teacher of Sex.

First, when three worthless “students” suddenly came to Sandra’s house one by one, she didn’t really know what to do with them – they all were so stupid! But then Sandra found a way to educate them, using one of the students as visual aid and performing an object-lesson of sex!

The Hotkiss boarding school 4. The Talent Show. Episode 1.

At Hotkiss Boarding School they surely know how to welcome new students. Just when a new student Tanya arrives and gets to know some of her roommates closer, they are all being invited over to the rehearsal room for a special Talent Show regularly organized by the school principal Mr. Blumenthal.

Hotkiss Boarding School Talent Show gathers most outstanding students only, and this is the time when they can get closer to their brilliant teachers. Tanya, as a new student, gets the most attention, although her friends are in no way deprived of their share of pleasure. It takes Principal Blumenthal and other participants some time to persuade the girls to do everything they are ordered – but the slutty ladies don’t seem to mind.

Steamy Encounter: Tina and Aaron. Episode 1.

When curious cheerleaders start going into men’s locker rooms – any guys intending to take a shower had better be careful! One day a captain of the basketball team after an intense game was going to take a shower. Aaron thought he was all alone, and there wasn’t anyone in the locker room either, so he just let himself fully relax.


Little did he know, there was a cute female cheerleader watching him take off his pants, and she was greatly impressed by the view of his big black cock. Tina was not the shyest girl you have ever seen – so she did not hesitate for too long before taking the first step. All she had to do was take off her cheerleading outfit and invite herself to the cabin where Aaron was enjoying the hot streams of water running down his muscular body… Join here for exclusive 3D porn!

Linda Part III. Episode 1.

Linda’s divorce turned her miserable life into one big wild sex-adventure!! As Linda seduced Dave, the virgin boy next door, she fell in love with his young hard cock. But her sex-addiction made once so cute and innocent Dave to be a bit rude and disrespectful. Linda thought of a way to punish him and remind him that she deserved admiration and complete satisfaction…

But even Linda herself didn’t know how much fun and pleasure her punishment would bring her, because she accidently involved a young sweet delivery boy, Benny, in her educational process. His huge cock made more effect than a strap-on Linda ordered!!! Click to see more of Linda