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The Hotkiss Boarding School. Part 1.

Tanya was been sent to one of the most reputable schools in the country – the Hotkiss boarding school, to make sure she would become a brilliant student and will then follow in her parents’ footsteps. When she arrived Tanya realized there were too many things going on behind the closed doors of this educational institution – and in order to succeed you needed to be a


real nympho! Her roommates – three pretty girls in unusually short skirts – decided to introduce the newbie to the rules by which the whole school lived, and Teresa – the blonde girl – shared her story first. It all started when she came to class of her new teacher Mr. Harrison. A respectable man in his thirties who was supposed to teach her math was more eager to teach her other, dirtier things… Check it out here.

Anonymous Virgins. Part1: The Teacher of Sex

Sandra used to be a regular school teacher with exceptional body and secret desire for young cocks. Site about fast seduction methods changed her life: Sandra decoyed one of its members, Romeo, to her lonely house…When Romeo first appeared in Sandra’s vicious bedroom he looked and acted quite pathetic: very young, skinny, lying, sorry ass virgin nerd tried


to trick and seduce our hot babe. But that splendid MILF Sandra managed to change him into a real, one hundred percent man in just several hours…Yeah…Sandra definitely was a heaven-born Teacher of Sex!!!

The Perfect Secretary

I want to tell you my cruel love-story. You see, I had always been a…strange…let’s say…special, lonely girl. But one day I became a secretary and Mr. Douglas Redmond, my boss, rescued me: he showed me that special girls need very special attention. In my case – harsh…rough attention.


Mr. Douglas punished me for my tiniest mistakes, spanking, hurting, and embarrassing me. My days at work were full of pain and humiliation and I…loved it!!! I became addicted to Mr. Douglas’s methods. I made more and more mistakes on purpose, he punished me daily, and we both enjoyed it! Until one day I spilled coffee on his client, and he…

Naive Lulu – Bonus!

Lulu learn so much new stuff about sex selling subscriptions to Mr. and Mrs. Vinehouse that she can’t wait to practice it again!! The thing Lulu loved the most was lesbian sex, and now our “innocent” angel wants to seduce her pretty room-mate, Jessica! So when drunken Jessica comes home after some party Lulu shamelessly undresses, kisses, and eats her out!!


The story of those inexperienced “lesbians” is very passionate, beautiful, and lustful…Both sweet angels enjoy the new stage of their relations; we bet from now on their dormitory life will be quite different!…

Linda. Part 2: Divorced, Happy, and…DOUBLE Satisfied!

Linda’s life changed dramatically after her husband had left her for some young whore…It actually got much better! Linda easily seduced young cute Dave, the boy next door, who not only became her devoted lover, but also brought his school-friend Larry, another virgin boy, into their sexual life! Linda didn’t regret seducing two young innocent boys and making them

satisfy her lust! Linda enjoyed every single time when Dave and Larry were caressing, fondling, and fucking her! Giving them orders and directing their moves Linda was in heaven, and so were the boys!

Cops. Part 2: Sex-Arrest!

Officer Glen Anderson’s actions concerning three detained drunken women lead to an uneasy situation which can not be resolved without some assistance. Officer Glen Anderson takes the violators to the police station, where his partner, Officer Joseph Coleman, arrests the suspects. As a consequence another spicy story takes a place.


First, when three worthless “students” suddenly came to Sandra’s house one by one, she didn’t really know what to do with them – they all were so stupid! But then Sandra found a way to educate them, using one of the students as visual aid and performing an object-lesson of sex!

Movie Making. Part 1: Casting.

Two nasty crooks create Karantino Movie Production Studios just to get laid for free, and invite Svetlana Drobodenko, some stupid cute college student from Ukraine, for casting. Luckily for them Svetlana is so silly (and sluttish!!) she truly believes that in order to receive a role in a movie she is supposed to fuck not only director, but his assistant, too!!


Svetlana’s outstanding performance during casting astonishes and satisfies our crooks. Blow-job, double penetration, anal sex…Svetlana is great in everything! She will definitely receive the part!

Kind of Naive Lulu

Say hello to young Lulu, exchange student from France, again! Lulu’s stunning naivety led her to breathtaking adventures again! Needing money our beauty starts selling subscriptions to science magazines. Lulu appears to be a very successful door-to-door salesman! Do you want to know why? That’s because Lulu actually fucks people to get them subscribed!


And Lulu does it so well that old Mr. and Mrs. Vinehouse, for instance, are very grateful to her for amazing Friday evening, full of lust and patience and they eagerly give her lots of money for the magazines they don’t need at all!! Don’t you hope to see sweet Lulu on the front steps of your house?

Secret Sorority

Working your way up to the crème de la crème of college society can be one bumpy ride – especially when it’s actually you who they are gonna ride on! Sexy Kimberly wanted to get into the inviolable sanctuary of the Secret Sorority so bad that she only smelled the rat when the doors of the sinister-looking dungeon clang close behind her back and she saw the cages and sex gadgets scattered around it…


with two extremely bossy and horny dykes standing sentinel on the guard! Much too soon the girl had to prove her eligibility by spreading her legs and arching her butt, taking in the huge strap-ons and suffering the merciless flogging. See inside to know if the hapless chick’s body is good enough to qualify for the membership in the club!

Bolt from the Blue

When people talk about shocking surprises I always remember that guy, Nicholas. I met him in The Blue Bar, where according to my best friend’s advice I was supposed to meet a stranger and let him fuck me the very same night. Well, everything went fine – a guy picked me up, we went to his place (and had mind-blowing sex in the elevator!!), and in his bedroom we continued our wild contact (Nicholas was cursing me and it turned me on so damn much!!) and then…His wife appeared and…no, she didn’t beat the shit out of me, she joined us!! I hope that crazy couple will invite me again some day…